No articles displaying after MySQL8 upgrade - with workaround

4 months 4 weeks ago #471 by martin.greenaway
Hi there,
We have a Joomla 3.9.25 site with Digi Showcase 2.1.0 and have just migrated our site to a new server with Ubuntu 20.04 and MySQL 8. One of the problems we identified was that there were no News and Blogs showing, pages that use Digi Showcase, despite the articles all still being there in the system.

What appears to have happened is that there has been a change (somewhere) in how the publish down dates are stored or handled.  The situation was that the publish down dates for all of the articles was 1/1/1970 (unix epoch) which of course has gone past, and therefore the "don't publish expired articles" setting in showcase means it just doesn't give you these articles. This is quite understandable behaviour, even if it is not the behaviour we previously had on our old server.

The fix for this is to set an *actual* publish down date in the future (we're going for something in 2050) so that you can still actually retain the "don't publish expired articles" functionality in case we want to use that in future.

I just thought I would post this here, as I originally came here looking for info on why showcase might not be compatible with MySQL 8 (it very much seems that it IS compatible, but that the migration process has introduced a change in the data that breaks it!)

Thanks for this great tool!
Kind regards,
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4 months 4 weeks ago #474 by Gregorio
Hello martin.greenaway,
a big thanks for sharing, it can be useful for other users or to find a solution to patch the module.

If I understood well, the issue itself is that all Joomla articles publish down dates were set to 1/1/1970. So the module was filtering them all as expited, not showing them.

I assume in MySQL 8 dates are stored in another way than previous versions of MySQL. What I want to mean: it seems that there are no solutions that I can consider to patch the module itself if the problem is into Joomla articles publish down dates. Am I right?

Thank you again.
Kind regards,

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