Lite version - how to preview/ install/ publish as template without 404

1 year 10 months ago #348 by Gregorio
to clarify how Kiolezo works: there is only one Joomla template in Extensions > Templates canned "Kiolezo". This is the placeholder themplate to display all Kiolezo layout creted into the component.

So to work you need: Kiolezo component + Kiolezo template. However Kiolezo template is downloaded and installed during the installation process of the component if everything works fine into your Joomla. Take a look to this guide:

Then you can create or import the layout you like. To display that Kiolezo layout you should open Kiolezo template in Joomla Extensions > Templates, then you should select the layout you want to display on your website frontend.
For example, you create a layout in Kiolezo component called "MyLayout", then you should go to Kiolezo Template and select "MyLayout" from the drop down menu and save. If Kiolezo Template is set as default Joomla template, so you will see "MyLayout" displayed on your frontend. And then you can modify it how you like from Kiolezo component.

Regarding the import of "Meet Kiolezo", if you still have troubles to import it from the gallery, you can try to import it manually, getting it from here:

Then, the permissions of the component are into its options panel, but there is nothing to see regarding the preview. I understand it's in a local environment, so, can you send me the HTML source code of all the popup that is opening when you click on the preview button? So I can take a look.


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