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1 year 6 months ago #453 by andyheer
I'm playing around with Koliezo Lite.
I've set up the body of my site with the page data component and two columns.
That works fine on the home page where there are modules in the two columns but on pages where there are no modules in those columns the page content is still squashed up into the same space.
Is there any way for the page content to expand across the page when the other columns are empty?

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1 year 6 months ago #454 by Gregorio
Replied by Gregorio on topic Collapsing empty columns
Hello andyheer,
the showr anwser is: not at the moment. This because the templates and layouts made by Kiolezo are Bootstrap 2.3.2 based, and that framework doe not include columns auto-collapse. For the future, When Joomla 4 will be stable and available, I have in mind to creare new versions of Kiolezo based on Bootstrap 4. This beause all the extensions and Joomla itself will abandon this old version of Bootstrap (actually used By Joomla 3).
So if you want to achieve the auto collapse feature, you must write and add some jQuery and CSS code.

The only other solution I could have in mind, is to use filters and publish that layout only in homepage, while publishing a one column layout in all sub-pages. You can browse filters into the sidebar of layout editor screen.

I'm sorry for the lack. I hope you enjoy the component anyway.

Kind regards,

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