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1 year 11 months ago #191 by ame
Creating a menu was created by ame
Hi Gregorio,

I'm new to this drag and drop template creating, but sofar it works perfectly! Just one question, I can't figure out how to create a dropdown menu with Kiolezo. I've googled for documentation but I can't find an example of how to build that. Or should I opt for a module and create the menu with another Joomla extension?

Thank you!


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1 year 11 months ago #192 by Gregorio
Replied by Gregorio on topic Creating a menu
Hello Ame,
Happy to hear that you like our system!

If you want to display a normal drop down menu (such as other normal Joomla templates), you can go in the editor, drag and drop a new module position from the sidebar (under CMS ITEMS tab) to the place where you want to display the menu in your template. Then setup the new module position, in "Module position name" enter your favourite name (it will be the new module position where to publish your menu) and write to "Module style" the word "menu". Then you can normally create in Joomla a menu, its module and publish it in the new created module position. By assigning "menu" as "Module style" you give to the module position the feature to create menu voices, sub menu voices with drop-down and mobile menu.

We are still working on the official wiki, anyway you can take a look to this page to understand how to create a new module position:

Besides, if you want just to have a kind of accordion menu, there are some special blocks to drop in your layout (under DYNAMIC LAYOUT tab) called "N accordions". If you drop these blocks, you will have in your layout an accordion made from N blocks, where you can publish inside whatever you want, text, modules, images, etc.

If you can spend 3 minutes of your time, can you write a review on JED about Kiolezo and its support? We would be really happy:

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Many thanks,
Kind regards

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1 year 11 months ago #194 by ame
Replied by ame on topic Creating a menu
Hi Gregorio,

Thank you for your very useful response and quick reply. I've followed the steps you've mentioned above (and thank you for the screenshots as well) and I've managed to set it up with a Joomla menu. We need a dropdown menu that's why I haven't opted for the accordion style.

I think I'm almost there, because now I get the error "Please use Module Chrome "menu" only for menus (mod_menu)". I've checked the modules position page on Wiki here and had a look in the modules.php file. But I don't really know what I should change. I'm sorry for asking you all this, but I ran out of possibilities to try. :-)

I will put up a review on JED later! It's a very useful and easy drag-and-drop program for creating templates. I'm getting the result I was hoping for. The only thing that I don't get to work is the menu, but I'm probably doing something wrong there. Hope you can help.

Thank you and kind regards,


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1 year 11 months ago #195 by Gregorio
Replied by Gregorio on topic Creating a menu
Hi Ame,

I think the main problem about the error message (Please use Module Chrome "menu" only for menus) is that you have published in the new created menu position another non-menu module.

I explain myself better: when you write "menu" in "Module style" option, Kiolezo print a special module container suitable to wrap desktop dropdown menu and mobile dropdown menu. If you publish in that position another kind of module different thank Joomla menu (mod_menu), the component is not able to parse the module and the error appears.

If I understand well, if you publish only this new Joomla menu module in the new created module position, you should see the menu in your template.

Of course if you need more modules in the same place, just create another position with "Module style" set, for example, as "xhtml".

Besides, don't change nothing in "modules.php". If you must edit Module Styles, you can turn on "Advanced Options" in the component options, and a new tab will appear in the editor. There you can enter custom Javascript, custom CSS and custom Module Styles (if you know a little what to do).

Thanks for the rewiew, I would really appleciate to continue to develop this system as better as I can.

If something is not clear, feel free to reply.

Kind regards.

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