403 error when adding CMS item

2 years 10 months ago #331 by MTeegardin
I'm using Kiolezo Lite for now in order to evaluate.
When in Layouts I have a few issues. First of all, under Utilities I try to Import a template such as Minimalist or any other, and when clicking the Import button, nothing happens.
When using the Import after downloading a template, such as Minimalist, I upload it and the progress bar goes to 100%, then nothing happens. The template is never imported.
I decided to create a New template from scratch. I used the Filter Only Show on Homepage and placed a Static Layout - Single Column and placed text within it with success. After that, I placed another Single Column, still no trouble, then I place a CMS item, Module, then click Save and it goes to a 403 Forbidden page.
Are there Permissions I need to change in the backend in order to not get these errors and also make the template upload work?

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2 years 10 months ago #332 by Gregorio
Hello Mark,
the import issues seem to be caused from Javascript. Can you please check your Javascript console during the import process, to ensure that you have no errors?

Regarding the module position, seems that your server block the page due of some PHP instruction in the layout (in this case into the module position). Can you try the component on another hosting or ask your hosting to remove this protection?

Of course, without to see the scenario, these two are the first things I have in mind regarding these issues.

Please, let me know.

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