Kiolezo 2.0.0

Build drag and drop Joomla templates directly from your website. (Only for Joomla 3)

This extension is compatible with Joomla 3

This extension includes a component

This extension includes a module

This extension includes a template

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Kiolezo Drag and drop Joomla template builder

Build the template of your website directly from Joomla! by simply drag and drop rows, columns, module positions, images and many other elements. Kiolezo is different from other builders because it's not a page builder, is a template builder, so you can create all parts of your template just by drag and drop.

All created templates can be used directly by Kiolezo, through the template specifically created and installed together with the component, to keep the drag and drop edit feature. Alternatively, templates can be exported in zip archive format and installed on any other Joomla based website, without the need of Kiolezo component to be installed.

Drag and drop Joomla template builder

Create Joomla templates by drag and drop

Advanced features keep easy
  • Create your template only by drag and drop.
  • Build the layout by dragging rows and columns.
  • Create module positions by drag and drop.
  • Drag images directly into the template.
  • Enter and modify text wherever you want.
  • Insert icons in a simple way, Font Awesome is included.
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts, Google Fonts is integrated.
  • Set up the style by dragging selectors and attributes.
  • Comfortable keyboard shortcuts to UnDo, ReDo and many more.
  • Export as editable Kiolezo layouts, like Photoshop files.
  • Import layouts on other websites which use Kiolezo.
  • Import by file (drag and drop) or by URL.
  • Browse ready layouts on our gallery and import with one click.
  • Export templates as zip archives and install them on other websites.
  • Exported stand-alone templates have editable fields.
  • Build a template in few minutes without any knowledge of code.
  • The only limit is your imagination.
System requirements
  • To install Kiolezo component and to be able to use it, the Joomla! version should be at least 3.9.0.
  • To install exported templates in zip format, the Joomla! version of the website where you want to install the template should be at least 3.9.0.
  • Linux hosting. Kiolezo is not compatible with Windows hosting.
  • To export templates as zip archives, your server should have "ZipArchive" PHP class installed. Otherwise the component will work, but you will not be able to export templates.
  • Kiolezo blank template should be installed to display Kiolezo layouts on frontend. Normally this template is installed or updated automatically during the installation process.

This is the full version of Kiolezo, which allows you to use the product in all of its functions. Compared to lite version, this version allows you to export editable layouts and stand-alone Joomla templates.

If you want to try Kiolezo for free, download now the lite version to see how it works before purchase.

Create Joomla template by drag and drop

Drag items into the layout editor, arrange them as you prefer and create rows, columns, module positions and many more.

Edit the settings of each item of your layout through a button and set its style by simple options.

Kiolezo layout editing drag and drop
Kiolezo layout item settings

Set up CSS style by drag and drop

Easily create the style of your template without the need to write CSS code, using the drag and drop interface.

If you are an advanced user, Kiolezo provides an additional text area where you can write your own custom CSS code.

Kiolezo CSS drag and drop editor
Kiolezo Style editing

Preview your Kiolezo layout

During the creation of a custom layout, easily check the result of your work.

A dedicated button opens a popup to let you see the preview of your layout, without the need to view it on the frontend.

Kiolezo layout preview button
Kiolezo layout preview

Import ready Joomla templates

Templates ready to be edited and used can be imported from the gallery with just one click.

Is possible to import Kiolezo layouts also from url or from file by drag and drop.

Kiolezo import from gallery
Kiolezo import layout

Export a Joomla template

Created templates can be exported in two ways:

  • .kiolezo files an editable layout can be exported. This can be imported into another website that uses Kiolezo component.
  • .zip files a stand-alone template can be exported. This can be installed on other Joomla web sites without using Kiolezo component.
Kiolezo export Joomla layout
Kiolezo export Joomla template

Keyboard shortcuts

During layout editing, you can use the keyboard shortcuts.
Save, UnDo, ReDo, Erase and many more commands are available through common keyboard shortcuts:

  • The keys combination CTRL + S allows you to save the current layout.
  • The keys combination CTRL + E allows you to save and close the current layout.
  • The keys combination CTRL + Z allows you to undo last action.
  • The keys combination CTRL + Y allows you to redo last action previously undone.
  • The keys combination CTRL + B allows you to open or close the sidebar.
  • The key ENTER lets you save settings within a popup.

What is included in Kiolezo

  • Kiolezo component, which is the main component to create layouts by drag and drop.
  • Kiolezo quick icons module, useful to have some handy shortcuts on the backend.
  • Kiolezo template*, which is the template needed to show created layouts on the frontend.

* Kiolezo template is not physically included in the installation package due of a restriction imposed by the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory). Kiolezo template will be automatically downloaded from our server and installed during the package installation process.

Kiolezo Video


Is this component compatible with all Joomla! versions?

No, this component requires at least Joomla! 3.9.0.

Can I use templated made by Kiolezo on another Joomla based website?

Of course yes! You can export your templates as zip archive, and install wherever you want.

Is it hard to configure the component and the template?

No, is not hard. Is very easy, just install it on your Joomla!, then import or build a layout. After go to tempalte styles and select Kiolezo template as default if you want to display your drag and drop layout on the front end.

Which kind of templates Kiolezo can export?

You can export layouts (editable by Kiolezo, and importable in another website which use Kiolezo), or you can export a normal fully-functional Joomla! template.

How many templates can I create?

The answer is so simple, unlimited! You can create how many templates and layouts you want, from the simplest to the most complex one.



  • Brand new layout composer design with better spaces management
  • Now layouts are saved by AJAX so the page is not reload each time you save a layout
  • Columns displacement can now be managed with a simple input box for each row
  • New full-screen editor function to edit layouts in full-screen mode
  • New zoom editor function to zoom the editor area up to 3 times
  • If turned on, dark mode is now automatic, based on browser settings
  • New and more efficient stand-alone template exporting script
  • Exported templates can be installed on the current website by pressing a button
  • Exported templates can be set as default on the current website by pressing a button
  • Kiolezo template can be set as default on the current website by pressing a button
  • Joomla! 3.9.0 is now required to run Kiolezo
  • Some other under-the-hood improvements
  • Module positions do not print their wrapper in the frontend if no module is published in them
  • Fixed drag and drop issue which could cause items to not be placed on the right placeholder
  • Fixed a click behavior bug on the sidebar in layout and style editors
  • Fixed a bug which was causing issues in a new item after its parent item was cloned
  • Fixed a bug which was causing missing links on layout images in the frontend
  • Fixed some PHP errors in layout preview modal box
  • Fixed an issue with HR items where ID attribute was been removed in the frontend


  • A menu shortcut for component options has been included in menu
  • Now if a custom CSS file exist in Kiolezo template is exported in stand-alone templates
  • Now all images of Kiolezo template are exported in stand-alone templates
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused an attribute overlapping in style composer


  • Now layout version is correctly imported during layout import task
  • Now background images of exported templates are correctly written in CSS file
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused that text items were not properly exported in stand-alone templates


  • Brand new import from gallery to import ready layouts from our repository
  • Now exported templates have editable fields to manage all template variables
  • Brand new dark mode to work with Kiolezo during the night
  • You can import backgrounds and images in your layout directly from a remote url
  • Now rows have background parallax and content parallax options
  • Items now can be cloned with their children with a simple button
  • Items now can be collapsed with a simple button for a better user experience
  • Improved new menu available for desktop view
  • Improved new menu available for mobile view
  • Now there are different module styles to display desktop menu and mobile menu
  • Safe filter for HTML characters in text items
  • Default classes in all items are now hidden
  • Safe check to avoid duplicated ID when you rename an item
  • A lot of GUI improvement for a better user experience
  • Automatic update function to update of your old Kiolezo layouts with all new features
  • Update button to force the update of your old Kiolezo layouts with all new features
  • Created by and Modified by fields removed from layout editing page
  • Current layout version added in layout editing page
  • Current component version added in layout editing page
  • Current layout version is now written in exported layouts
  • Current component version is now written in exported layouts
  • Now you can specify more author data for template exporting in component options
  • Better error handling during layout import
  • Brand new code snippet to generate the update site without the need to connect to our server
  • Digigreg Api updated and improved
  • Fixed some PHP notifications
  • Fixed an issue which caused hyperlinks exported with an extra unuseful wrapper div
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes could export full width templates even if boxed was selected
  • Now in Kiolezo icon module are shown only published and unpublished layouts


  • Brand new backend icon module to easily manage Kiolezo layouts and to browse useful links
  • Fixed a bug that caused template exporting button available also when the option was not active
  • Now the package uninstalls automatically Kiolezo template during uninstall operation
  • Added versiontype tag in the component manifest


  • Now the package does not contain anymore Kiolezo template which is automatically downloaded from our server by the installer script
  • Kiolezo update site is not deleted anymore on each package update
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused background images to not be loaded properly


  • Fixed a bug in style composer which sometimes could failed to save the data
  • Fixed a bug in style composer which sometimes prevented to get images properly in exported templates and in Kiolezo template
  • Grid elements now have the correct style also for "em" tag and not only for "i" tag in Kiolezo template
  • Fixed the color of icons on mouse hover, in the sidebar of layout composer
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes could caused templates to not be exported if no image was placed inside
  • A lot of PHP notices and warning solved


  • Some improvements to let Kiolezo be JED compliant
  • If Kiolezo template is disabled, deleted or not installed, no errors appear
  • In the case above there is a new message to explain that you need both, component and template to use your layouts


  • Joomla! 3.7 full support
  • Updated editor CSS to comply with Joomla! 3.7
  • Some database improvements such as columns data type changes
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the crash of the component if the server has not the class Simple XML installed
  • Update server can be automatically reached by http protocol if https protocol is (temporarily) unavailable for whatever reason
  • Included images are now more lightweight and the package requires less space
  • Grid elements come to the editor, now is very easy to build a grid in your template
  • Now sticky rows have z-index settable value from the row settings panel
  • Improved mobile menus and mobile navigation

Kiolezo Reviews

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Interesting tool. Functionality: This extension is brilliant. Basically I can create by drag and drop many Joomla templates to use on my three websites. Ease of use: Of course there is a learning curve. The component is quite big, so it's normal that some time is needed to learn. But it's easy to use. Support: Fast support via forum on their website. I can't complain, it's ok. Documentation: I don't give 5 full stars because the documentation is still a bit poor, but it's sufficient to inderstand how to operate. Value for money: Just 40 bucks for a component which allows me to create many templates? How to complain! I used this to: I use Kiolezo to create and mantain three templates on my three websites. As I really like to manage everything by drag and drop, Kiolezo is perfect for my needs. I'm waiting to see what will be into the future releases of the component.

Alessandro Amoroso

Great extention. Functionality: Works brilliant! Ease of use: It's very easy to create templates with Kiolezo. It took me some time to work out the layout, but it's working well now. Support: Great support, very quick response time. The team really wants to help you solve your issues with the program if you have questions. Documentation: This is a new extention so the documentation is now limited. This will improve in the future but with the great support it's not a problem. Value for money: It does what it says! I used this to: Creating templates.


Very good tool for Designer. Functionality: I had no Problem to build a first template, so I can create templates I like without much programming skills. Ease of use: Very easy to use. Support: I had a problem with an editor in frontend. The Support fixed it very fast! Documentation: I didn't read a documentation. Value for money: good value for money.


Finally I can create and arrange templates by drag and drop. Functionality: It functions very well, I've understood in few steps how to manage module positions, rows, columns and how to build my first template. Ease of use: It's easy, few-minutes leaning is sufficient, no special skills required. A little bit more for drag and drop style creator but nothing hard. Support: I don't need for now. The component is working and I haven't questions. Documentation:The documentation is available on the website, all ok! Value for money: Good quality/price ratio, less than a normal template, and it allows to build templates easily. I used this to: I use this to arrange my Joomla template parts on my website in few steps, change module positions easily, change sometimes layout in two clicks.

Alexander Ronson

Thanks very good and useful extension. Functionality: Just downloaded and tested 1.0.3 version, a lot of bugs solved. Very nice template builder, I'm able with few clicks to build templates. Ease of use: Very easy to understand and to use. No special knowledge required. Support: I ask a question via ticket, all ok, fast answer received. Then I've seen there is a forum on developer website, good to know and to use. Documentation: There is an available wiki on developer website. Value for money: The component doesn't cost a lot, it's working so happy to have bought it. I used this to: I build the template for my website and for my blog with it.

Patty Mielech

A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!!! Functionality: The description of this extension does not give the idea of the power held on it. Few steps and I was ready to build a template myself. Ease of use: It's easy. Just few attempts and you can easy learn how to use it. Then the drag and drop interface is well designed and easy to use. Support: Support is fast, the developer answer to my ticket in about 30 minutes. Then there is a free forum. Documentation: Documentation is not still finish on the developer website, but he answer to my ticket in about 30 minutes, so I should assign max score. Value for money: Let say it costs less than one template and allows me to build all templates I want very easily. For me the price is correct. I used this to: I have a web agency, I use this component to build templates for my customers very fastly, then to change or add module positions in two clicks. Also exported templates are bootstrap-based, so is very easy to use them on mobile too. I'm happy, thanks this indie developer.


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