Digi Environment 1.0.4

A new way to get meteo on your Joomla! website.

This extension is compatible with Joomla 3

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Watch the weather on Joomla by Digi Environment.

A cute animation of an environment to represent your city or town.

You can set your city, city time and city logo, then colours of sky and ground, sun and moon or set their images, and after, you can also set up background png images for every moment of the day, to make a real custom meteo animation for your Joomla! website with only few clicks.


Which forecast API are used?

This Joomla module uses openweathermap.org APIs.

Does this module provides images?

No, actually this module doesn't provide images itself. It generates clouds, sun and moon by CSS code, but you need to add your own background images to complete the animation.



  • Fixed https protocol issue for openweathermap.org APIs calls


  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the crash of the module if the server has not the class Simple XML installed


  • Fixed a bug which causes wrong positions for sun and moon
  • Some CSS improvements
  • Color fields are now Joomla native fields instead of Spectrum color pickers
  • Some backend fields now automatically hide when are unuseful
  • Modified update system (please upgrade to this version manually and not through the Joomla Update System)


  • Weather API changed


  • First release

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