Digi Installer 1.0.1

Install Joomla extensions programmatically by AJAX call.
Digi Installer is translated in en

This plugin allows you to install Joomla extensions by AJAX.

Useful for developers who need to install Joomla extension programmatically from their extensions, the plugin expands the native AJAX component of Joomla, made to manage asynchronous calls.

The operation of the plugin is simple, but you need to write a special function to make the correct AJAX call. An example of the code needed to make the AJAX call is available in the documentation.

  • How to use

    This plugin allows you to install Joomla extensions by AJAX, on the same website where this plugin is installed. You must call this plugin by this URL: index.php?option=com_ajax&plugin=digiinstaller&format=json, sending needed data by POST method. In the AJAX call, these two variables should be passed: Extension...


  • Sanitized some PHP variables



  • First release

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