Digi Showcase Users 1.0.0

Use Joomla users as data source in Digi Showcase.

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By this plugin you can use Joomla users as data source in the Digi Showcase module.

This plugin can exploit the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Registration date
  • Users group (the user group to which the user belongs)
  • Avatar image (taken from Gravatar via the user's email address)
  • Link (taken from the User Profile plugin)

  • Standard mode

    This is the standard mode, the default and the first created mode of Digi Showcase. By this mode, you can create a table with your items. You can set how many rows and how many columns you want to use to arrange your items. The total number of displayed items is obtained automatically by multiplying rown per...

  • Data source

    By data source options, you can select what the module displays. The first and most important option to set, is Source, because by this, you can decide which data the module displays. Included in Digi Showcase, there are five data sources available. Data sources are expandable with Digi Showcase Expansion Packs....

  • Wizard

    Digi Showcase integrates a wizard to easily load the most common module configurations. By the wizard buttons, you can create lists, tables, slideshows, timelines, tag clouds, grids. Just choose what do you want to create and click on the proper button. Once you have clicked on the button, some parameters will be...

  • Carousel mode

    In carousel mode, you can create beautiful multi-columns carousels or slideshows with your items. The total number of displayed items is set by Item option. Instead you can set now many columns you want to display in your carousel at the same time by Columns option. By Item scrolling option you can set how many...

  • How to install

    To install Digi Showcase, go to under Joomla! extensions manager, choose to upload a package file and select Digi Showcase package file (

  • Timeline mode

    In timeline mode, you can create beautiful vertical timelines with your items. The total number of displayed items is set by Item option. Items images are shown in the center circle of each element on the timeline. Anyway, if you want to show bigger images, you can switch on Image in content option, which shows the...

  • Tag Cloud mode

    In tag cloud mode, you can create beautiful 3D tag clouds with your items. The total number of displayed items is set by Item option. In this mode your items are arranged in a 3D sphere. Items are automatically moved when the mouse cursor moves on the sphere. You can set the width and the height into which the...

  • Override

    Digi Showcase can be easily overridden. To override the views, you can follow the normal Joomla process to override extensions: you can easily copy the view you want to override in your template html folder, creating there a folder called mod_digi_showcase. So the path will be...


  • First release
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