Digi Template Switch Pro 1.0.4

Override default Joomla template for mobile devices.

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By this plugin you can override default Joomla template with another one, when your website is browsed by mobile devices. Select the template to override the default one, and the plugin will does the switch of the template.

Digi Template Switch Pro can override the default Joomla template with another one, only for mobile browsing.

Unlike the free version of this plugin, the pro version offers a lot of possibilities to switch a Joomla template, for example you can select a template for smartphones and another one for tablets, you can choose to switch the Joomla template just for a mobile operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), you can choose to switch to specific templates in the homepage or specific templates in sub pages.

If needed you can use custom filters, where by adding tags and creating combinations of those, you can change the template for a specific page, for a specific operating system, for smartphone or tablet. This plugin includes a convenient backup feature to save the current configuration, and reload it if and when it is required.

This plugin can work in two ways.

The first way is the easiest to configure, just few buttons to click and templates to select and you are ready.
On the plugin page you have those options to configure:

  • Switch for devices allows you to switch the template only for selected kind of devices (smartphones, tablets, all).
  • Switch for os allows you to switch the template only for selected os (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, all).
  • Switch homepage template allows you to select two more templates (one for smartphones and one for tablets) to use in homepage.
  • Switch subpages template allows you to select two more templates (one for smartphones and one for tablets) to use in selected pages
    (you can select pages by entering menu IDs separated by comma in the proper field).

The second way is more advanced and needs few time more to be configured, it allows to create custom filters to select a template in some conditions, another template in some other conditions and so on.
To let it runs, first you have to turn on the custom filter switch. Remember that with custom filters active, all other options will be ingored by the plugin.

By custom filters you can choose to switch Joomla template for a specific kind of mobile device, for a specific os or for a specific page of your site.
You can use those tags:

  • To select a specific os: {os=ios} {os=android} {os=windowsphone}
  • To select the kind of devices: {device=smartphone} {device=tablet}
  • To select a page {itemid=your_item_id}
  • To select a template {template=your_template_name}

Simply copy and paste those tags in the proper text area, and separate each filter by comma (a filter is a set of tags).
Please remember that custom filters function is still in beta.

The backup function included in this plugin allows you to backup your current settings in a json file, stored inside the plugin folder. You will be able to load and delete the created file when you want directly by the plugin page. This is useful

This plugin works on both side, frontend and backend?

No, this plugin works just on frontend, so you can login to your admin with the default admin template also from mobile devices.

The switch depends from the screen sizes?

No, the template swich is triggered by the device used to browse the site.

Why in selected mobile template any module is visible?

Please remember that often templates have different module positions and the names are not the same. So if you have a menu published in the main template in a position called "main-menu" you should duplicate the module and publish the copy in the right module position of selected mobile template, because maybe it doesn't have the module position called "main-menu".

Can I switch two different templates, one for smartphones and one for tablets?

Yes, you can select two different templates, one used by smartphones and one used by tablets.

Can I select on which pages the template will switch?

Yes, you can select two templates for the homepage (one for smartphones and one for tablets), and two other templates for sub pages.

Can I select on which operating system the template will switch?

Yes, you can select on which operating system the template should switch (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).


  • Fixed some PHP notifications which in some cases could be displayed when error reporting option was set to maximum



  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the crash of the plugin if the server has not the class Simple XML installed



  • Updated mobile detection library version to 2.8.25
  • Modified update system (please upgrade to this version manually and not through the Joomla Update System)



  • Fixed "Strict standard" bug which sometimes was shown


  • First release


Tuesday, 21 February 2017
The best way to switch between two Joomla! templates one desktop and one mobile.
Functionality: It does what it has to do. I have selected my mobile template from the list in the plugin, and now I see the new template by my smartphone. Ease of use: Very easy, because by options you can setup all and have a dedicated template for iPhone and another for Android. Support: I ask for a question because I wanted to use custom filters, and the developer gives me the answer in a short time. Documentation: The plugin is well explained on its page, on the developer website. Value for money: I have bought this paid version now. I had the free version, it worked perfectly but I needed more options. This version is perfect! I used this to: I use on Joomla 3 to switch templates from smartphone and tablet, choosing also the operating system, if iOS or Android, to show to users the right template as I want.
Martino Scotto

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