Kiolezo Template 2.0.0

Kiolezo complementary template.

This extension is compatible with Joomla 3

This extension includes a template

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Drag and drop Joomla template.

Pay attention, this extension is just an empty template which requires Kiolezo or Kiolezo Lite to run. Download it only if you have accidentally deleted Kiolezo template from your website, instead if you want to start to create Joomla! templates, download Kiolezo component.

Kiolezo - Joomla template drag and drop editor

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How can I use this template?

This template is an "empty container" for layouts made by Kiolezo, so you have to download and use the component to be able to use this template.

This template is generate a blank page.

As mentioned above, the template is empty, is just a container for Kiolezo layouts. Please download Kiolezo or Kiolezo Lite to generate a layout by drag and drop.



  • Full compatibility with the brand new Kiolezo 2.0.0
  • Fixed favicon display on Chrome and Edge
  • Some under-the-hood improvements in the backend


  • Added style for menu separators and titles in menu default layout
  • Added style for menu separators and titles in menu buttons layout


  • Improved compatibility with third-party extension Ark Editor
  • Fixed some PHP notices


  • Fixed display property on hidden-phone css class
  • Fixed display property on hidden-desktop css class


  • Improved new menu available for desktop view
  • Improved new menu available for mobile view


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused background images to not be loaded properly

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