Kiolezo Template 1.1.3

Kiolezo complementary template.
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Drag and drop Joomla template.

Pay attention, this extension is just an empty template which requires Kiolezo or Kiolezo Lite to run. Download it only if you have accidentally deleted Kiolezo template from your website, instead if you want to start to create Joomla! templates, download Kiolezo component.


Kiolezo - Joomla template drag and drop editor

  • How to add a module position

    All Joomla templates need module positions to display modules. Is very easy to add a module position to your Joomla template by Kiolezo. The component is born to build Joomla templates by drag and drop, so we made simple to add a module position. No coding required! Find in the sidebar the module position element, then...

  • Display a layout in the front end

    To display a layout in the public front end, it should be saved and published. After you have created your first layout with Kiolezo, close the edit view, then go under templates, and then styles, in Joomla! admin menu. Here select Kiolezo template as default, or assign it to some pages. Open it and select from the...

  • How to install

    To install Kiolezo, go to under Joomla! extensions manager, choose to upload a package file and select Kiolezo package file (pkg_kiolezo.zip) or Kiolezo Lite package file (pkg_kiolezo_lite.zip). The package installs Kiolezo component and Kiolezo icons module. Then Kiolezo Template will be downloaded from our server...

  • Add images and set up them

    Kiolezo uses a dedicated folder for images. You can find all default images in images/kiolezo/ folder. To add images to the component simply upload (via FTP or via Joomla Media manager) in that folder your custom images, and Kiolezo automatically will lists all your images in the drop down menu, inside the settings...

  • How to update

    Kiolezo uses Joomla! Update System to check the availability of updates. To enter your update password for automatic updates, gopen the settings panel. You can get your update password on our website in the order confirmation page. Just copy and paste it in the proper text field, and press Save password button....

  • Errors handling

    In layout editor, in some occasions, an element can become red with an error label. This can happen in cases listed below. When there are too many rows inside each other. When more than an element is into an hyperlink. When something different than text, images or icons is into an hyperlink. When one filter is...

  • Filter some parts of layout

    Sometimes can happen that you need to view a part of your template only in homepag or only in other pages. Kioelzo has built-in filters to let you decide where to display the content or where to hide. A real scenario can be to display tabs or accordions on the front page of the website, hiding them in the other...

How can I use this template?

This template is an "empty container" for layouts made by Kiolezo, so you have to download and use the component to be able to use this template.

This template is generate a blank page.

As mentioned above, the template is empty, is just a container for Kiolezo layouts. Please download Kiolezo or Kiolezo Lite to generate a layout by drag and drop.


  • Added style for menu separators and titles in menu default layout
  • Added style for menu separators and titles in menu buttons layout



  • Improved compatibility with third-party extension Ark Editor
  • Fixed some PHP notices



  • Fixed display property on hidden-phone css class
  • Fixed display property on hidden-desktop css class



  • Improved new menu available for desktop view
  • Improved new menu available for mobile view



  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused background images to not be loaded properly

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