Digi Contact

Custom fields

You can easily add custom fields in your contact form. To do that, go under the tab Display options and find Other fields textarea. There you must enter all custom fields that you want to add to your contact form in CSV format.

Currently all custom fields are only text inputs.

Each custom field should be in a new row, and all field values should be separated by comma.

While you write the custom fields data, a new dedicated window appears on the right side. This window suggests you how to fill the data and values for custom fields.

For each field, you must enter:

  • Name (the label of the field, for example "Phone")
  • Tag (the tag to let the module to recognize the field, for example "ph")
  • Position (the position where you want to place the field, it can be only "left" or "right")

If you are using the default email message, all custom fields will be placed in the end of message with their name and value. Instead if you are using a custom email message, you must enter the tag of each custom field that you want to display in the email text, in the format {tag}.

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