Digi Contact


Digi Contact allows you to set up fields and button on two columns or on one column.

For each field and for the button you can choose if to display it on the left column or on the right column. By displaying all fields and button on the same column, you can obtain a one column layout, otherwise you will obtain a two columns layout.

Some switched may disappear if their main function is turned off. For example if you turn off anti spam function, Anti Spam position switch will not be shown. As well as Name position and Subject position fields have the same behaviour.

By Message height field, you can assign an height to message textarea. This is useful when the module is configured with two columns layout and you want to have both the columns with the same height.

Another option can make all fields and the send button large like the their container column. You can achieve this by Fields width switch. If it's set to Normal, all fields and the button will be large as Bootstrap default, otherwise, if it's set to 100% all fields and the button will be large at 100% of the container column.

Digi Contact layout is based on Bootstrap and its classes.

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