In carousel mode, you can create beautiful multi-columns carousels or slideshows with your items.

The total number of displayed items is set by Item option. Instead you can set now many columns you want to display in your carousel at the same time by Columns option.

By Item scrolling option you can set how many columns are scrolled in each animation of the carousel.

To obtain a looped carousel, you can switch on Infinite loop option, which does not allow to the carousel to stop when items are ended, but the carousel shows all its items in a loop.

The carousel can be set Horizontal or Vertical by the proper option. In vertical mode, carousel columns became carousel rows, because columns will be displayed horizontally.

The Version option has been created for compatibility woth older versions of Digi Showcase. For the best result, select Modern option, to include the latest version of carousel library.

To create a one-column slideshow, set the number of columns to 1, set the carousel as a loop and set the scrolled items to 1. As well as turn on the auto animation and decide is you want to create an horizontal slideshow or a vertical slideshow.

To create a multi-columns carousel, set the number of columns to 3 (or another number that you prefer), set the carousel as a loop and set the scrolled items to 1. Then turn on the arrows or dots.

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