Digi Showcase

Data source

By data source options, you can select what the module displays.

The first and most important option to set, is Source, because by this, you can decide which data the module displays.

Included in Digi Showcase, there are five data sources available. Data sources are expandable with Digi Showcase Expansion Packs.

  1. Joomla Categories is used to pick automatically Joomla articles from one or more Joomla categries.
  2. Joomla Tags is used to pick automatically Joomla articles from one or more Joomla tags.
  3. Joomla Articles is used to pick manually one or more Joomla articles.
  4. Custom from CSV is used to enter custom data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
  5. Expansion packs is used to load Digi Showcase external plugins and display other components data.

By Show featured items you can select to show, to hide or to show only featured items.

By Show expired items you can select to show or to hide expired items.

By Time correction you can add or remove hours to match your server time. This is useful when your local time and your server time do not match, and the module shows also expired items of the last hours.

By all these settings, you can select what is shown by the module in frontend.

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