This plugin has two kinds of configurations: Normal and Custom filters.

The second is more advanced and needs few time more to be configured. It allows to create custom filters to select a template in some conditions, another template in some other conditions and so on.

To let it runs, first you have to turn on the custom filter switch. Remember that with custom filters active, all other options will be ingored by the plugin.

By custom filters you can choose to switch Joomla template for a specific kind of mobile device, for a specific os, for a specific browser or for a specific page of your website.

You can use these tags:

  • To select a specific operating system: {os=ios} {os=android} {os=windowsphone}
  • To select a specific browser: {browser=ie} {browser=firefox} {browser=chrome} {browser=safari} {browser=opera}
  • To select the kind of devices: {device=smartphone} {device=tablet}
  • To select a page {itemid=your_item_id}
  • To select a template {template=your_template_name}

Simply copy and paste those tags in the proper text area, and separate each filter by comma (a filter is a set of tags).

Please remember that custom filters function is still in beta.

If you experience troubles to setup custom filters, you can turn on debug.

It prints, on frontend, all detected data used by this plugin to switch or not the template.

As last, each filter printed by debug, shows the result of all variables (if template is switched or not).

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