All Joomla templates need module positions to display modules.

Is very easy to add a module position to your Joomla template by Kiolezo. The component is born to build Joomla templates by drag and drop, so we made simple to add a module position. No coding required!

Find in the sidebar the module position element, then drag it on your layout, where you prefer.

A random name will be assigned to your new module position. To change it, just push the setting button, and the setting popup will appears. Here you are able to change the module position name and the module chrome type.

Module chrome type is the way how the template print the module, and is defined in modules.php, in the template folder. Module styles are responsible of how Joomla prints the title of the module, its spacing, its container (for example you can set a div with a different class to wrap a module). If you have turned on the advanced settings, is possible to define new module chrome styles in the dedicated textarea, directly in Kiolezo editor.

Module positions have a built-in PHP filter and are printed on the page only if a module is published into, otherwise them are not printed. In this way your template can generate clean and light pages.

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