Digi Template Switch 1.4.0

Sostituisci il template Joomla per dispositivi mobile.
Digi Template Switch è tradotto in en it de Visualizza Digi Template Switch sulla JED

Con questo plugin puoi cambiare un template Joomla con un altro quando il tuo sito viene visitato con un dispositivo mobile. Seleziona il template da utilizzare per l'override ed il plugin si occuperà di fare lo switch del template.

Digi Template Switch può sostituire il template di default con un nuovo template, solo per la visualizzazione mobile.

Se hai bisogno di più funzionalità, di avere un template dedicato per gli smartphone ed un template dedicato per i tablet, di poter scegliere il template in base al sistema operativo e molto altro, prova a dare uno sguardo alla versione pro di questo plugin: Digi Template Switch Pro

This plugin is so easy to use: just install and publish it, then select which template you want to use on mobile devices, save, and you are ready.

This plugin works on both side, frontend and backend?

No, since the 1.3.0 version this plugin works just on frontend, so you can login to your admin with the default admin template also from mobile devices.

The switch depends from the screen sizes?

No, the template swich is triggered by the device used to browse the site.

Why in selected mobile template any module is visible?

Please remember that often templates have different module positions and the names are not the same. So if you have a menu published in the main template in a position called "main-menu" you should duplicate the module and publish the copy in the right module position of selected mobile template, because maybe it doesn't have the module position called "main-menu".


  • Now params of switched templates are retrieved and loaded
  • Improved database queries
  • Added italian translation
  • Added german translation
  • Updated mobile detection library version to 2.8.31



  • Brand new code snippet to generate the update site without the need to connect to our server
  • Digigreg Api updated and improved
  • Added a non-invasive advertising field
  • System name changed from "plg_digi_template_switch" to "digi_template_switch"
  • Please, uninstall the old version and install this version manually due of the name change



  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the crash of the plugin if the server has not the class Simple XML installed



  • Updated mobile detection library version to 2.8.25
  • Modified update system (please upgrade to this version manually and not through the Joomla Update System)



  • Fixed "Strict standard" bug which sometimes was shown



  • Override only on frontend with default backend template
  • Impoved stability on Joomla! 3.5



  • Minor bugs fixes

Mercoledì, 26 Aprile 2017
Perfect, it switch my template for mobile devices. Functionality: Very easy, after installation of the plugin, I have just selected the mobile template I wanted for mobile devices, that's it! Ease of use: Very easy, as is written above, just one step after installation to have the template switched. Support: The developer is present for the support. Documentation: On the product page is written how to use this plugin, but is very easy to use so documentation is not needed. I used this to: I use this to switch the template on my Joomla website for mobile devices. Now I got a new template to use by smartphones, as my current one is a bit old, but I don't want to change it for now.
Mercoledì, 22 Luglio 2015
The best way to switch between two Joomla! templates one desktop and one mobile. Functionality: It does what it has to do. I have selected my mobile template from the list in the plugin, and now I see the new template by my smartphone. Ease of use: Very easy, because I had only to select what template I want to use for mobile browsing. Support: I ask for a question and I received an answer after only 5 hours, even if this extension is free. Documentation: I don't think documentation is needed for this simple and user friendly extension. I used this to: I use this plugin to switch the template of my Joomla! website when it is browsed by a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. All is ok for now. Thanks for this extension is very helpful.
Martino Scotto
Mercoledì, 13 Maggio 2015
Works like a charm. Functionality: I needed a mobile version of an existing website and found this plugin more than helpful. Ease of use: verrrrry easy. I used this to: I use it for an existing 2.5 joomla site without a mobile skript. It works perfect - only the menue remains the same and a slideshow. Maybe it would be great - to have some options to switch off or on - Great work and free, thanks to the develper

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