If you need custom technical support for the free extensions downloaded from this site, or if you need custom support for your website, you can buy the hours needed to carry out the desired task here.

After completing the payment, the task will be carried out in the following 30 days, requiring more or less time depending on the complexity.

Remember that, most of the time, you will need to provide us the login data to the administration panel of your website and the FTP access. Without this data we cannot carry out the work.

Unless we specify otherwise, all contact will be via email only.

Please note: before purchasing, it is necessary to agree with us the number of hours required according to your needs. Please describe your needs by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Tech support
Price: €35.00 / hour
Validity: 30 days
Languages: it en


Figura professionale precisa puntuale e disponibile difficile trovarne cosi.

V. Vidal

Professionalità e competenza in materia Joomla.

U. Facciolla

Lavoro pulito e veloce effettuato sul sito web del mio ristorante.

G. Bibbiani

Se divento sempre più capace di modificare il mio sito basato su Joomla e VirtueMart è grazie a professionisti come te; devo dire che il tuo modo di lavorare è quello che tutti dovrebbero perseguire. Non solo 'fare' ma anche 'far capire' crea una consapevolezza che dà il giusto valore alle cose.

V. Tortora

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide free support for free Joomla extensions?

No, we do not provide free support for our free Joomla extensions. You can download and use them the way you like, for free. Besides, if you need support, we provide it only upon the payment of this plan.

How many hours should I buy?

You must ask us before, so we can calculate how much time we need to fix your issue.