Do you want to optimize a Joomla website to get visibility on Google and other search engines? I'm specialized in Joomla website optimization.

The Joomla website optimization for search engines is a necessary operation to let your website to be found on Google and to get more hits from customers.

Optimize Joomla website means making it rise in search engines the ranking. By doing this, when a keyword is searched on Google, your Joomla website will be listed in a higher position of search results. The position reached depends on the work done, on the topic of the website and on how many other web sites have similar material.

Joomla optimization

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Optimize Joomla website

The Joomla website optimization service starts from the optimization of the website itself and its contents. Keywords must be carefully researched and strategically placed in the page content, letting search engines to index the website correctly.

The next steps to optimize Joomla are image optimization, HTML code optimization, header tag optimization (H1, H2, H3) for Joomla SEO and page title optimization.

Another very important part is the management of page addresses (or url) which must be specially formatted for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Joomla optimization service

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Joomla website optimization

After the optimization of a Joomla website, it will be correctly indexed by search engines. To do this, it is also necessary to write SEO optimized articles for Joomla, studying the correct Joomla keywords to be used to optimize Joomla articles.

After the Joomla optimization operation, the customer will have a list of keywords to use for the website contents, to increase and refine more and more the ranking of the website.

Optimize Joomla website

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