Digi Showcase 1.3.0

Display your Joomla articles ordered in an awesome way.

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A modern showcase to display your Joomla! articles in an awesome way, ordered and clean. You can organize the content in rows and columns, or you can use the carousel option to be able to scroll articles with an animation.

Digi Showcase is simple and intuitive, has a responsive design, is browseable from all devices and compatible with touch devices.


  • Welcome Bootstrap! Now Digi Showcase is made by Bootstrap classes
  • Added "Read more" link to articles text
  • Improved options in carousel mode
  • New placeholder image
  • Text alignment option for title, article text and date


  • URLs rewrite functions improved
  • Less database queries to get item IDs


  • New back end backup function to save and restore settings of the module
  • New URLs rewrite functions to improve the SEO of your website
  • Custom CSS fields in back end to set up custom styles of module and items
  • A lot of new images and backgrounds options to meet your style
  • Optional dark gradient overlay with mouse hover fade out effect


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