Digi Showcase 1.5.0

Display your Joomla articles ordered in an awesome way.
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The best way to show your Joomla articles in order in a modern layout. You can arrange your content in rows and columns, create a Joomla articles slideshow by setting up carousel mode, or you can create a Joomla timeline, setting up with few easy clicks the timeline mode.

Digi Showcase is simple and easy, it has a responsive design, is visible on all devices and is compatible with touch devices.

Try the new Joomla timeline mode.


Three are the available modes which Digi Showcase offers you to show articles Joomla!

  • Normal mode: arrange your articles on a grid made by rows and columns, settable from the module.
  • Carousel mode: useful to create Joomla slideshow using your Joomla articles and images inside them.
  • Timeline mode: create a Joomla timeline using your custom content inside your articles.

On each mode are available a lot of style options to set up Joomla articles viewed in the module.

You can choose to view or not Joomla intro image, or the first image in the content of the article.

In case you still haven't insert the images in your articles, you can see the behaviour of images in the module by the useful placeholder function which shows a default image when the article has not an image.

Set up the title position, description position, read more button position. Set up the background color of articles, or if you prefer set up a background image or use the image inside each article. Show the creation date of the article below or above the text.

In carousel mode set how many articles to display in the slideshow and how many articles scroll with one animation, set up the auto animation for the slideshow, the auto animation interval, and the mode to obtain a Joomla vertical slideshow or a normal horizontal slideshow.

Create in few seconds a Joomla timeline by setting up the article category fron where you want to display the content, by setting up the primary and secondary colours, max width and mobile view width to create the modern and flat style of the timeline.

digi showcase normal mode

digi showcase carousel mode

Digi Showcase is very easy to set up and to use to create awesome layouts in few simple clicks.

In this extension is included the useful backup function, which allows you, by only one click, to save current settings in a file, to load them whenever you want, to not allow you to forget the previous settings each time you will do some modifications.

digi showcase timeline mode


  • New tag cloud mode to display your articles in a 3D tag cloud
  • Fixed a bug about the gradient overlay layer



  • Added "Manual articles ordering" ordering option



  • Changed field "Forced menu ID" to "Forced menu voice" to allow selecting menu voice (for articles link) from a dropdown list instead to enter its ID manually
  • Update server can be automatically reached by http protocol if https protocol is (temporarily) unavailable for whatever reason



  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the crash of the module if the server has not the class Simple XML installed



  • New awesome timeline mode to display your articles in a cronologic timeline
  • Added "Read more" default class and the switch to select default or custom class
  • Improved CSS add mode, now the code is addes in the head of the page
  • New lightweight and neutral placeholder image
  • Modification to mode selecting (default, carousel, timeline)
  • Data validation for module padding and items padding fields
  • Now you can override all three layouts (default, carousel, timeline) in your template becasue all layouts are now in module tmpl folder
  • Modified update system (please upgrade to this version manually and not through the Joomla Update System)
  • Please, make a backup of your module settings before to upgrade because we have made a lot of changes, and something can be differend after the upgrade


  • Welcome Bootstrap! Now Digi Showcase is made by Bootstrap classes
  • Added "Read more" link to articles text
  • Improved options in carousel mode
  • New placeholder image
  • Text alignment option for title, article text and date


  • URLs rewrite functions improved
  • Less database queries to get item IDs


  • New back end backup function to save and restore settings of the module
  • New URLs rewrite functions to improve the SEO of your website
  • Custom CSS fields in back end to set up custom styles of module and items
  • A lot of new images and backgrounds options to meet your style

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