Membership Pro electronic invoicing

EFat for Membership Pro is a Joomla electronic invoicing plugin that allows you to generate electronic invoices with Joomla and Membership Pro component.

Electronic invoicing for Joomla memberships

EFat for Membership Pro solves all the problems related to electronic invoicing in Joomla by automating the creation of the necessary XML file.

Electronic invoicing for Joomla

If you have an e-commerce website with Joomla you can automate the process of creating electronic invoices with Joomla, creating XML files valid for the Italian Invoicing Exchange System.

The plugin for electronic invoicing with Joomla is for this: once installed on your Joomla website with Membership Pro, you can easily create electronic invoices with Joomla and Membership Pro.

The plugin will generate XML files for electronic invoice with Joomla ready to be sent to the Exchange System.

If you use Fattura24 as an accredited management system for electronic invoicing, this plugin will allow you to automatically upload electronic invoices to Fattura24.

Joomla and Membership Pro electronic invoice

EFat for Membership Pro
Price: €99.90
Renew every: 1 year
Type: Plugin
Version: 1.1.0
Compatibility: Joomla 4
Languages: it en


Perfect e-invoice plugin. Functionality: This plugin created e-invoices in Membership Pro for Italian tax system. It's perfect, it has saved my business online. Ease of use: It's very easy to configure. I had to select Membershop Pro fields in the plugin configuration and to enter my fiscal data. That's it. Support: I didn't need the support for now, everything works fine by itself. Documentation: It's available but as the plugin is not complicated to use, I didn't need. Value for money: It worth it. If I would have to create manually all the invoices, I would need one day per week. I used this to: I use to generate electronic invoices for Italian tax system with the component Membership Pro, on my website which is selling online courses with subscriptions.

Lupo Lucio

Frequently asked questions

Can this plugin generates valid XML electronic invoices?

Yes, this plugin generates valix XML invoices for Italian tax system.

Can this plugin generate invoices for all Joomla extensions?

No, this plugin has been made only for its Joomla extension. Please, visit Electronic Invoicing category on our website to find more Joomla electronic invoicing plugins.

Is it difficult to configure the plugin?

No, the plugin is easy to configure, but you may need the help of your accountant to discover which options you should select.

What is Fattura24?

Fattura24 is an external service created to manage and sign electronic invoices. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by with Fattura24.



  • This plugin is now compatible only with Joomla 4
  • Updated VAT exemptions definitions
  • New option to trigger or not the invoice creation by a field value


  • Name change due of JED rules
  • Minor bug fixed


  • First release