This module is very easy to configure.

First you have to enter your Netatmo username and password (the same you use on the smartphone app to control your weather station or your thermostat) in the proper fields, then save the module. If the Netatmo login data is correct, you can see the weather stations drop down menu filled by your station(s) and thermostat(s).

Now select one or more weather stations or thermostats (these are the devices which send data to the Joomla module). Click the save button on the left of the field.

If you have external modules, such as rain or wind meters, you can now select them from the multi select field, then click the save button on the left of the field.

Now, in the weather data multi select field, you have all the data which can be shown. Select which data you want to show and then save the module. You will see the selected data in the front end of your website.

Here there is the summary of the minimum setup:

  • If you have, select WEATHER MODULES
  • Select the WEATHER DATA to display on the front end

Other options are: display type (can be text or slideshow), show date and time (with selectable date format), display units of measures, selectable temperature scale (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), selectable length scale (mm, inches), selectable speed scale (kph, mph), display wind direction (cardinal points or degrees), show weather station name and many more.

If you want to use slideshow display mode, and something doesn't run properly, maybe you can have some jQuery errors and/or conflicts. So in the advanced settings tab of the module, you can choose to use the jQuery No Conflicts mode.

You can check the status of your station and modules directly in the module backend, under "Service data" tab. Here you can take a look to all batteries level, to Wi-Fi signal strength, to modules signal strangth and to modules firmware.