To help you to build Joomla template from scratch, we have created Kiolezo, a drag and drop Joomla template builder, very easy to use and to understand, also for who hasn't any knowledge of coding.

Start to build a Joomla template from scratch using our drag and drop editor, then display the created template on your website using Kiolezo, or if you prefer to install it on another Joomla! website, export Joomla template as zip archive, a stand-alone template which you can install easily by Joomla Extensions Manager.

Drag and drop Joomla template builder

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If you would like to try to build your Joomla! template now, download Kiolezo Lite, our free Joomla template builder, and start to create your own template. Kiolezo Lite allows you to try the basic functions of the Joomla template generator. Some functions are not available in the lite version, and you cannot export ready templates.

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Easily import images in your template, or choose a background image for each row from included images. It's so easy also to include the favicon in your template, just select it from the drop down menu, or import your custom one in the icons folder.

If you need advanced options, get Kiolezo, the full version of the component, which allows you to use all the functions available, and allows you to export stand alone Joomla templates in zip archive format.

Kiolezo costs less than one template, but allows you to create Joomla templates easily, without coding, only by drag and drop.

But why the name Kiolezo? The word "kiolezo" means "template" in Swahili language. The name "Joomla" gots its roots in that language and for this we have decided to give to our template builder the name in Swahili.

If you have any question, feel free to write on our forum, we will do the best to answer as soon as possible! If you will decide to purchase the full version of Kiolezo, you will have also 180 days of dedicated support via ticket.

What are you waiting for, try it now.

drag and drop joomla template builder