If yes, you would be interested to show real weather data on website to tourists who are looking to book a place in your accommodation.

The best way to achieve this result is to get a Netatmo Weather Station, a very nice weather station that allows you to manage all measurements of temperature, humidity, noise, rain and wind (and many more).

We have crafted a beautiful and useful Joomla module to manage and display Netatmo weather on website.

Our Joomla weather module allows you to display Netatmo weather data on a website to all visitors, and to manage levels of batteries, Wi-Fi signal level, modules signal level and Netatmo firmware version. Basically you can create your own weather web page.

Our module it’s so easy to configure, just install it and enter your Netatmo account data. The second step is to choose your weather station from a drop down menu and then you can choose which data you want to display in the module to your visitors.

The service dedicated tab is used to check all batteries level of Netatmo gauges and Wi-Fi signal strength of Netatmo weather station. In addition, for each gauge, you can see the signal strength and the firmware version.

Download now

netatmo service data

By Digi Netatmo you can check your station everywhere you are, just login to your website and open the module.

Netatmo weather station

Netatmo external module

Netatmo rain module

Try now Digi Netatmo and start to show to your guests the real weather in your accommodation.