To build a new template or to change it with a new one in all parts of your website needs a lot of time and knowledge, so the best option, if you don't want to change the design of your site, is to switch template mobile on Joomla, with another one responsive, or created ad-hoc for smartphones and tablets.

To to this, the best way is to use a PHP library which can do the work for us, is called Mobile Detect. It can recognize if the device is a smartphone or a tablet and can return a lot of variables.

To simplify the life of users, we have created a Joomla plugin which, through this PHP library, can switch the template for you in few easy steps. It's called Digi Template Switch.

Switch template Joomla

switch template mobile joomla

Try it now for free

If you would like to switch Joomla template for mobile devices now, download Digi Template Switch, our free Joomla template switcher, and change for free your desktop template with a new one, responsive, and ready for smartphones and tablets. Our Joomla template selector is very easy to configure, just install it through your backend and publish it, then select the mobile template from the drop down menu. This menu only shows installed templates for the frontend.

Download now

This free Joomla plugin allows you to switch template in Joomla only on all mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, and you can choose only one mobile template.

joomla template switcher mobile

We have created also a pro version of our plugin, Digi Template Switch Pro, which allows you to switch Joomla templates on all mobile devices by choosing a different template for each kind of device, operating system and Joomla page.

Also custom filters are available to allow you to select a template only in some particular conditions. Take a loot to the image below to see how custom filters look.

switch joomla template
joomla switching template