When you need a simple and lightweight contact module for Joomla, you can use Digi Contact, our Joomla contact form.

This is a Joomla GDPR contact form. It offers the possibility to include an editable checkbox that the user must accept before being able to send the message.

The module includes the ability to customize the contact form, either by hiding the default fields, or by adding new custom fields, in order to create a custom Joomla contact form.

Digi Contact is the fastest way to receive contacts from your Joomla website, a lightweight module with a very simple configuration, also for less experts.

In just few simple steps, the free contact Joomla form is ready to work and allows you to receive contacts from your website.

digi contact fields

Choose which column to display each field in the contact form. Select colors for successful or error messages.

digi contact style

Edit the default message sent by email and add your own custom fields or other useful tags such as the contact source page or website name.

digi contact custom message

Add custom fields to your contact form. You can easily manage your custom fields by adding them in CSV format. A expressly created special window next to the text area, can help you to format the content correctly in CSV format, suggesting which data you have to enter.

digi contact custom fields

The useful backup function allows you, with a single click, to save the current module settings in a file. You can load the settings in each saved file whenever you want. In this way you can always recover the old settings when you need them. You can then delete files that are no longer needed.

digi contact backup

Support is not provided for Digi Contact.
If you found a bug you can open an Issue on GitHub.

Digi Contact
Price: Free
Validity: Lifetime
Type: Module
Version: 1.7.1
Compatibility: Joomla 3, Joomla 4
PHP version: 7+, 8+
Languages: en it


Frequently asked questions

How hard is to configure this module?

It's so easy, just install it, publish it in a module position, enter your email address where you want to receive emails.

It's possible to create custom fields?

Yes, it's possible to create text custom fields. Currently it's not possible to create select, textarea, radio button or checkbox custom fields.

Can this module works with AJAX?

No, actually this module doesn't use AJAX, so the page should be refreshed when the email is sent.



  • Added the possibility to enter a minimum character count for the message
  • Fixed an issue related to SMTP email sendings when SMTP is set in Joomla configuration
  • Now the module lets Joomla email settings to override the module email settings (Mail from, From name, Reply to)


  • The module is now compatible with Joomla 4 and with Joomla 3
  • Added the possibility to create multiple instances of the module in the same page
  • Updated the inclusion of system captcha
  • Added links to make a donation in the backend of the module
  • Added buttons to purchase tech support due of our new Terms and Conditions for free extensions


  • Added an option to add a suggestion popover on mouseover
  • Added an option to set the ending text
  • Added an option to show a separator below the intro text
  • Added an option to show a separator above the ending text
  • The empty paragraph is not shown anymore if the intro text is not set
  • New file structure to make possible to override the module layout
  • Many code improvements to make the module compatible with Joomla 4
  • Now this extension requires at least Joomla! 3.9.0


  • Added unique module ID in module wrapper
  • Added an option to add an anchor to the module on destination page


  • Labels can be set outside inputs or inside inputs as placeholders
  • Added repeat email field as optional field
  • Fixed Joomla system captcha error text label


  • Joomla system captcha can be used to protect the form from spam
  • Module style can be included or excluded through a switch
  • Email validator script is now included in another separated file


  • Now the message field can be disabled
  • Now a symbol or a word can be added to mandatory fields
  • Custom fields now have the new 'mandatory' option


  • Brand new custom fields function to add custom fields to the form
  • Added optional GDPR checkbox with editable link and text
  • Sent message can be easily customised
  • Custom fields can be added in the custom message by tags
  • New backend arrangement and design


  • Now a BCC email address can be added
  • Now is possible to hide Subject field
  • Now is possible to hide Name field
  • Redirect URL generation updated
  • Added background color and border color for alerts
  • Added an option to extend fields width to 100%
  • Added send button editable CSS class
  • Intro text CSS class updated
  • Digigreg API updated and improved
  • Now this extension requires at least Joomla! 3.8.0


  • Welcome Bootstrap! Now Digi Contact is made by Bootstrap classes
  • Joomla! 3.5+ compatibility improved (email sending function)
  • Now Digi Contact is available only for Joomla! 3+


  • Minor bug fixing


  • New back end backup function to save and restore settings of the module
  • Now you can move in the left or right column all form fields
  • Fixed a bug which doesn't allow to the 'Name' field to be sent by email