This plugin allows you to login to Joomla! by a php GET request, so by an URL that contains Username and Password.

Login by GET is useful to make APIs or to let users login in a web service, a web app or a smartphone app.

Support is not provided for Digi Get Login.
If you found a bug you can open an Issue on GitHub.

Digi Get Login
Price: Free
Validity: Lifetime
Type: Plugin
Version: 1.0.5
Compatibility: Joomla 4
Languages: en


If login-convenience matters... Functionality: This little plugin allows to login via URL-GET-request in an easy and convenient manner. Ease of use: Very simple to install and configure. Easy to understand and use. Support: Greg always responded in a polite and professional way and fixed issues in no time. Documentation: As the plugin is quite straightforward in its use the documentation was sufficient for me. I used this to: So far testing in usecases, where automatic user-login outweighs the security disadvantages of sending credential values via URL. The plugin offers use of base64 encrypted password strings, however.


Plugin de connexion très pratique. Functionality: Très pratique permet une connexion rapide en frontend en utilisant une url contenant l'identifiant et le mot de passe de l'utilisateur. Ease of use: Très simple d'utilisation, il n'y a pratiquement rien à faire à part installer le plugin qui fonctionne aussi bien sous joomla3 que joomla4. Support: Gregorio le développeur est à l'écoute et répond très rapidement. I used this to: connexion au frontend par une url personnalisée sans utiliser un module de login.


Excellent plugin. Functionality: Excellent plugin permettant la connexion automatisée à partir d'identifiants inclus dans l'URL. Excellent pour des sites démos ou spécifique. Ease of use: Les paramètres sont clairs et précis, les explications également. Support: Très réactif, à l'écoute des utilisateurs pour intégrer ou corriger. I used this to: Pour afficher des informations spécifiques à un groupe d'utilisateurs de façon extrêmement simple pour les utilisateurs.


Frequently asked questions

Can this plugin login users by POST call?

No, this plugin works only with GET calls.

Can this plugin register users?

No, this plugin can only login users already registered.

Is it difficult to configure the plugin?

This plugin is very easy to configure. Just publish it after the installation and set the redirect to be used after the login process.



  • The plugin is now compatible only with Joomla 4
  • Fixed a bug which may cause server error 500 in PHP versions >= 8
  • Added links to make a donation in the backend of the plugin
  • Added buttons to purchase tech support due of our new Terms and Conditions for free extensions


  • Now it's possible to login by a base64 encrypted password
  • Fixed a bug which did not allow to use special characters in password


  • Now plugin is executed only if its two parameters are passed in the url


  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • System name change from "plg_digi_get_login" to "digigetlogin"
  • Fixed a bug which did not allow the redirection after login
  • New fields arrangement in backend
  • Added the backup function in backend
  • Added a donation button in backend
  • Added the English language file, making the plugin translatable


  • First release