This Joomla backup plugin allows you to save Joomla extension settings: modules, plugins, templates and components configurations.

How many times has it happened to modify the settings of a plugin, a module or a template and, after various tests, not being able to go back to the previous configuration?

With Params Backup you can save settings of Joomla extension you are editing, and then reload them when necessary, with one click.

The settings are saved in json format in files stored in a folder inside the Params Backup plugin.

This backup plugin for Joomla inject a new tab into the forms of modules, plugins, templates, and components configurations, accessible from the administrative area of a Joomla website.

The tab contains the three main buttons of the plugin: save, load, delete. These are used respectively to save the current settings of the extension you are working on, to load previously saved settings, to delete a previously saved and no longer needed file.

Free support is not provided for Params Backup.
If you need technical support you must purchase the paid support.

Params Backup
Price: Free
Validity: Lifetime
Type: Plugin
Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Joomla 3, Joomla 4
PHP version: 7+, 8+
Languages: en


Create feature addon and easy to use. Functionality: use this plugin to easy make backups and restores of component, plugins and module settings. Ease of use: just install, enable the features.. and you're done.. adds a backup tab in the configuration of plugins, modules and components. save, restore. Support: little issue with extended module manager. quickly resolved and released v1.01. Documentation: did not check it but not neaded. it's just easy and self explaining. I used this to: backup settings of components, plugins and modules.. easy for reverting changes etc.

Johan Peters