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How to show Joomla weather forecast

In this article we are talking about how to show a real weather data on your Joomla website.
Have you a hotel Joomla website? Have you a skiing Joomla website? Have you a swimming pool Joomla website or a touristic village Joomla website?

If yes, you would be interested to show real weather data on website to tourists who are looking to book a place in your accommodation.

The best way to achieve this result is to get a Netatmo Weather Station, a very nice weather station that allows you to manage all measurements of temperature, humidity, noise, rain and wind (and many more).

We have crafted a beautiful and useful Joomla module to manage and display Netatmo weather on website.

How to switch template in Joomla on mobile devices

A lot of people want to switch template in Joomla when their website is browsed by smartphone or tablet, especially since the websites have become responsive.

To build a new template or to change it with a new one in all parts of your website needs a lot of time and knowledge, so the best option, if you don't want to change the design of your site, is to switch template mobile on Joomla, with another one responsive, or created ad-hoc for smartphones and tablets.

To to this, the best way is to use a PHP library which can do the work for us, is called Mobile Detect. It can recognize if the device is a smartphone or a tablet and can return a lot of variables.

Joomla Update System implementation for paid extensions

Recently, from 10 January 2017, Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) requires that all new submitted extensions should implement the Joomla! Update System.

Implementing this feature for free extensions is very easy, instead Joomla Update System for paid extensions is a little bit complicated. As the official Joomla! site has not published a standard way to achieve this result, all developers use own method.

The first step is to choose which is your Joomla extensions manager download, the extension you will use on your website to allow customers to buy and download your own components, modules and plugins.

How to create Joomla template by drag and drop

To create a Joomla template from scratch can be very hard if you are not a code wizard. You need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS and at least few basis of PHP. It requires a lot of time to be built, for testing in all the browsers, mobile and desktop.

To help you to build Joomla template from scratch, we have created Kiolezo, a drag and drop Joomla template builder, very easy to use and to understand, also for who hasn't any knowledge of coding.

Start to build a Joomla template from scratch using our drag and drop editor, then display the created template on your website using Kiolezo, or if you prefer to install it on another Joomla! website, export Joomla template as zip archive, a stand-alone template which you can install easily by Joomla Extensions Manager.

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